Thursday, November 27, 2008


So many things to be thankful for....
Our power going out last night... and Jeremy's computer to save Movie Night
Starting a small business with success
Being able to follow my dreams
Blogs... really!
Pandora radio
Our Fireplace
My Dog
Our House
Our Neighborhood
Making Cookies
Our Chickens

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cupcakes make people happy...

but my husband bringing me tea in the cupcake mug makes me even happier. I love tea!

We are drinking Otea Santorini. Heaven!

Imagination Vacation

Someone I know (a fellow Kappa and someone I've networked with a bit to get technical) has started a great organization. Even being away from the "cancer world," I still feel very connected to the cause (and I should, I've know too many people affected by the disease). This seems like a great cause.

It's an Imagination Vacation partners with area hospitals to host special events for pediatric cancer patients and other seriously ill children. We believe that every child deserves the chance to enjoy family vacations and create memories that will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, many of these special patients spend much of their time in and out of the hospital, undergoing treatments and testing, not playing and vacationing like many of the other kids their age. During our special events, patients simply travel down the hall to arrive at a dreamland destination without leaving the hospital. The possible vacation destinations, ranging from Zoo Light Safaris to Hawaiian Holidays, and Winter Wonderlands to Spring Soirees, are as endless as a child's imagination.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Slanket... Everyone loves a slanket!

It's so funny that a conversation regarding a Slanket has come up twice in less than two weeks. I can't remember who I was talking to, but I was telling him (I seem to remember it being a him) that I really wanted a Slanket for the holidays... and low and behold Simple is hosting a give away. I can't afford one of these right now and my family thinks I'm nuts for wanting one, so maybe I'll win one!!! And then I'll read, read, read... and blog while comfy and warm! I wanna a chocolate one!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

On a Paws and Praise Day

Dear Mr. Peters,

As I sit here, in my office at my fabulously cubbied desk, a small creature, whose name is Joonbug walks past the Toyota Matrix sitting in our hilly driveway. Sibleybear aka Bibbers is at my feet, under said desk, curled up sleeping, barely waking to get the treat I place in front of her nose before dosing off again.

You, my dearest husband, are probably talking in a funny voice to 45 teenaged, hormonal, sometimes wonderful, sometimes annoying kids, making our family the money to survive. You are thinking about a million things, including the basketball game tonight. #2 of many, hoping for that 1st win of the season.

Thus far today, I have not unloaded the dishwasher, but I did check on the chickens. They are rooting around on the ground and actually came nearer to me when I approached. Your dog was a good dog and did not cross the white line, but sat nicely in the shade with her paws crossed.

Thus far today, I have created labels for my folders for which I would like your professional feedback before continuing. I also made myself some coffee and put in lots of vanilla syrup, snickering too myself that the coffee is perfect for me, but you, Mr. Peters, would not like it.

Thus far today, I have re-made our bed for I found when I woke the sheets were completely crooked and that I have pulled those on my side of the bed out from underneath the mattress, while those on your side are neatly tucked.

Thus far today, I have counted my blessing 2 or 3 times for I am one lucky gal. Thank you for being such a wonderful husband, friend, coach, gardener, tea maker, chicken farmer, bibbers daddy, and cook. I look forward to your return late this evening, after said win #1 where a cup of tea will be waiting for you so that you can hunker down in your chair and we can flip between Biggest Loser and House while you pretend to watch TV.

Te Amo,
Cita aka Mamacita

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My job rocks

I just want it down on "paper" that on Monday I thought to myself... I love my job!

This is what life is about people.

Above photo of Samson, my friend Amy's dog... and my "bomb-proof" dog for dog training.