Tuesday, September 6, 2011

22 months

Dear Cassius,

You are a whole lot closer to 23 months now but this is your 22 month letter.

It seems like life is just speeding by sometimes.  I can hardly remember what happened yesterday let alone the last month.

A few funny thoughts from our last month together:
* I've got you saying "Please Mama Dear" and it's super cute.  We were at a party and another guest commented on your manners.  Apparently you asked some one for "more water, please".  Good job, buzz!  You say "no, please" instead of "no, thank you" :)
* You mimic just about anything we say, which is hilarious.  You'll say "awesome", "dude", and all sorts of other things.
* You love our neighbors, especially Megan.  To hear you say "Hi Megan" is about the cutest thing.  You also want to hug, hive five or kiss her or Don (her grandpa).  They've started to watch you a bit and you love it over there.
* You love tools.  Drills, Saws, Blowers, Lawn Mowers, Weed Wackers, Garbage Trucks... you know the names of all of them and you still love to "blow".
* You love the skateboard that you helped Daddy build.  You love to help daddy with projects, like the ramp you built.
* Dad reports that you planted your first bean!  Yeah!  You are still scared of the chickens, but you love to collect the eggs.  We are batting about .75 for making it into the house without breaking the egg.  You know all the names of the chickens!
* We went to a U-Pick farm and you picked and ate plenty of peaches and plums.  You were a complete beast as we tried to eat our lunch and you didn't fall asleep the entire way home :(
*You started a new daycare at Miss Karen's and you seem to love it!  You love Miriam and James and Cameron and talk about them often.  Apparently, they even have you practicing on the potty!
* You like to do a lot of things yourself "my do it" and you often want "whole fing" and not a piece of anything.
* Just the past few days you started to enjoy "being a baby" so that I'll hold you and sing to you.  It's pretty darn cute.  You started singing quite a few words to "itsy" and also to "Happy Birthday". 
* When you wake up in the morning, your little voice says "Mama! Come here!" so sweetly it melts my heart every morning, even if I don't really want to get up.

Despite the semi-frequent meltdowns, you are so fun to spend time with.  I love being your mama!

Love you Cashi!

Mama Dear