Monday, January 23, 2012

You're Driving My Nuts! and other cute things my 2 year old says

We were preparing dinner and Cash wanted to help but was really just getting in the way.  I really wasn't at the end of my patience, but I jokingly said, "Cash, You are driving me nuts!" and he responded, "You are driving my nuts!"  Which in honestly, I do every day!

Whenever Matt and I are talking to each other and not to Cash, he says, "Talka me." (Talk to me).

We made something (I can't remember what it was) and Cash exclaimed, "It's delicious mama!"  Which is incredibly precious coming from that little mouth.

Cash can properly pronounce (and use the following words): rhinoceros, elephant, delicious, cooperate, gross,  frustrated and a bunch of others that I'll add here as I think of them.

I love 2 year olds! 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Best Date Night Ever (with a 2 year old)!

Tonight, Cash and I had a little date night.  Matt went over to a friends house to watch a football game so I told Cash that we were going on a date.  To start off, we walked (he triked, I pushed) to the school park and toodled around looking at the creek and monster equipment that is set up right now (they are installing solar panels at the school).  He slid down the slide once but went through a puddle of water, so we headed back.  It was adorable because I asked "Donde esta la luna?" and he pointed right at it, though I asked again and I don't think he thought he actually understood what I was saying.

Then we went to Panera for dinner.  On the way there, out of no where, he said "I love you so much."  Tears, I tell you and the highlight of my day.  At Panera, he was generally well-behaved, especially for a two year old and especially after drinking a very sweet hot chocolate (my little treat for him). 

We read book in Mama's bed and sang two songs and he went down to bed.  Just after I left, he said "Where are you mama and prite (Sprite)?" and I just couldn't help but go in and tell him that we were right here and would see him in the morning.  It's now 8:15 and I still hear him tossing and turning but he's been quiet ever since.

Matt reported the best day with him too.  2 is sooooo much fun.  I love it!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Fun Day in the City and home

What a fun day!  (With no photos to prove it).

3rd day of vacation after 2 days of working on home projects with Matt led us to a day in the city.  We had intentions of spending the entire day in the city but plans changed.... Here's a rundown of the day:

Cash to School
Home to Ready
Out of the door at 9:45, in the city by 10:30.  Parked at Guerrero, rockstar style, near Tartine.
Awesome breakfast- croque monsieur, croissant with ham and a morning bun
Walk around the Mission, stopped in a thrift store (no finds)
Walked through Dolored Park
Pit Stop at Bi-rite creamery
Then we decided to head home!

Nap time!
Got my toe nails did!
Picked up Cash
Baby shower
Now Matt, Ron and Jimmy are just finishing up a jam session in the living room!

What an awesome day!

My Man, My Outdoor Shower!

Matt worked on this project (his dream project) all over winter break.  I got to enjoy a nice soak yesterday.  Here are some shots:

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Struggling in 2012...

I've been thinking about 2012 and all that it entails to ring in a new year and I am struggling with a word.  A word in inspire me through the new year, to focus on improvement/betterment/etc.

Here's the current struggles:
Finance:  I struggle because we make enough money to live and enjoy life, but not enough to not worry.   In 2012, I'd like to relax a bit more about our monthly expenses but also be looking forward to saving for bigger plans (not in 2012- like a kitchen renovation)

Family:  I have really enjoyed living in the moment in 2011 and will continue to do so.  I struggle with balancing time to myself and time with family and time at work. 

Self:  I love to blog, facebook, read, design, dream but I struggle with balancing that with family and productivity time. 

Organization:  Part of me says "Organization!" It's the way to go and part of me says "Who cares!"  I think more organization will take a lot of effort on my part but would alleviate some struggles on a daily basis (what to do with dinner, where to find that, storage/house stuff, etc).

Memories:  I struggle with living in the moment, and capturing it all and getting it down.  I love to look back on the year, but haven't found a project to stick with throughout the year.  

Job:  I struggle with balance on getting projects done, keeping caught up with my daily work, asking for what I need and being detailed enough.  Also struggle with leaving work at work.  Yet, I really enjoy my job most days, which means checking in from home is actually something I look forward to nearly each day. 

The words that I've tossed around so far are "peace "(it was on a candle I was gifted and it seems like a sign, but I have yet to make sense of that sign), "organize" and "live."  Perhaps another word will come to me.  Perhaps I'll start to jot things down here so they stop swirling in my head.