Sunday, January 1, 2012

Struggling in 2012...

I've been thinking about 2012 and all that it entails to ring in a new year and I am struggling with a word.  A word in inspire me through the new year, to focus on improvement/betterment/etc.

Here's the current struggles:
Finance:  I struggle because we make enough money to live and enjoy life, but not enough to not worry.   In 2012, I'd like to relax a bit more about our monthly expenses but also be looking forward to saving for bigger plans (not in 2012- like a kitchen renovation)

Family:  I have really enjoyed living in the moment in 2011 and will continue to do so.  I struggle with balancing time to myself and time with family and time at work. 

Self:  I love to blog, facebook, read, design, dream but I struggle with balancing that with family and productivity time. 

Organization:  Part of me says "Organization!" It's the way to go and part of me says "Who cares!"  I think more organization will take a lot of effort on my part but would alleviate some struggles on a daily basis (what to do with dinner, where to find that, storage/house stuff, etc).

Memories:  I struggle with living in the moment, and capturing it all and getting it down.  I love to look back on the year, but haven't found a project to stick with throughout the year.  

Job:  I struggle with balance on getting projects done, keeping caught up with my daily work, asking for what I need and being detailed enough.  Also struggle with leaving work at work.  Yet, I really enjoy my job most days, which means checking in from home is actually something I look forward to nearly each day. 

The words that I've tossed around so far are "peace "(it was on a candle I was gifted and it seems like a sign, but I have yet to make sense of that sign), "organize" and "live."  Perhaps another word will come to me.  Perhaps I'll start to jot things down here so they stop swirling in my head.

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