Monday, October 3, 2011

23 Months

Dear Cassius,

We are approaching your 2nd birthday! Wowzer!

You are an incredible little boy and I'm so grateful that you are my kid!

A few fun memories:
* Yesterday, we woke up together and you watched some videos while we all got the energy to get out of bed.  We watched a Sesame Street video about things being "fragile" and then later in the day, your Grandma asked you to be careful with something and you said "fragile."  Holy Cow!  You really connect things!
* Speaking of "Be Careful"... You told me to "Be Careful (it sounds like Car-full) Mama" when I got up on the step ladder the other day.
* You talk up a storm.  Most of the time we can totally figure out what you are saying but last weekend you started saying what sounded like a full on sentence of gibberish that ended with "up in the sky."  We have no clue what you were saying. 
* You love to sing.  You sing "Twinkle, Twinkle lill tar,""Pat Cake,""Humpty Dumpty sat wall,""ABCEFGLMNOP," and other little songs.
* You started to go pee on the potty!  We've had numerous successes this past weekend!  Every time we ask if you want to go potty, you exclaim "Jeyye Bean, Mama?"  (Translation: Jelly Bean, Mama?).  Yes, you get 2 jelly beans if you "make a 'posit" (Make a Deposit) in the potty.  Yesterday, you wore big boy underpants for the first time.  You wore them for about 45 minutes and you didn't have one accident!

I'm gonna post this now, and then add some photos in a bit.