Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh the blog world....

Internet, I've got a confession. I'm addicted to blogs... a lot of them. I had a New Year's Resolution to spend max 30 minutes, 4x per week reading blogs, but well, that went down the toilet around January 17th.

I read some creative blogs, some kid/mommy blogs and some ?? blogs.... mostly because they post on a regular basis. It's like a constant story that I get to follow. I occasionally comment and give my 2 cents but mostly I just read and enjoy.

With the pregnancy and awaiting babe, I find myself going from one blog to the next to get some perspective on parenthood and all the stuff out there. Because of the bloggers I follow, I've been on to some really great stuff- like wraps and cloth diapers and making your own baby food and taking photos to documenting life to good recipes.

Also, I've been entering in a lot more contests.... I haven't won anything just yet, but I hope to someday! Simple hosts many giveaways (it's a review site) and it's currently giving away a Kyliewrap. I'd love to win a wrap. With so many options, I'd love to get my hands on a few (made by small businesses, mostly SAHM's too!) to try them out!

Monday, April 6, 2009

An old post from a now defunct blog attempt... what else is new?

I went all out and bought a used version of What to Eat When You're Expecting. You see, it was part of a package- 4 pregnancy/kid books for $4! A great bargain! I love craigslist! But I don't really like reading it, or really have a desire to follow it. When we first found out we were pregnant Matt decided he really wanted us to eat healthy, really healthy, for the baby. Yeah sure, I did too, but I know that I'm not great at changing my eating habits- plus my eating wasn't/isn't that bad to begin with. As I browse through the book they talk about the Best Odds diet... a diet to give you and your baby the best odds at a health pregnancy. Only I think that if I follow the best odds diet, I would be one very unhappy, cranky pregnant lady, and that cant' be good for the baby, the lady or the husband, right? Doughnuts are on the no-no list- not even once a month. Cookies, fruit filled ones, are on the once a month list. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Fig Newtons (or Fig Newmans in my case- see organic!) but I need me some cookies on a regular basis. I have always eaten ice cream on a semi-daily basis. I only skip about 2 days a week, and sometimes that's because I've substituted something else that's equally yummy (like creme brulee). Sometimes I'll have both! I've started juicing so that I can get more leafy green vegetables hidden inside my carrot/apple/orange juice- the greenish tint doesn't even bother me! See I'm trying! Don't even get me started on the foods that are off limits- raw eggs, deli meat, raw fish, alcohol, blue cheese, etc. I can abide by some of these quite easily, just because I don't really care for them (alcohol and raw fish) but damn, that blue cheese is calling my name! But I've resisted so far- willpower!- but not so much with the raw eggs (a little cupcake batter never hurt anyone, right?). Ok, enough of the rant... My diet thus far today as consisted of: peanut butter on english muffin (a fine balance of carbs/protein in my book- Best Odds diet would say no-no to the white flour english muffin, though), some dried berries (yeah!), 4 Cadbury eggs (yummy!), Macaroni and Cheese, a glass of juice and some bubbly water (doctor says watch for bloating- with water, really?). Moderation people, that's what I'm talking about... can't we just live with moderation?