Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First Mother's Day (Pre-Baby of course)

Although I received many Happy Mother's Day thoughts/wishes, it's still a bit surreal. I am Sibley's mom, and that feels real, so I was able to feel genuine through my dog. The baby is moving about some (more and more each day) but it's still light stuff.

Just wanted to record my doings on my first "Mother's Day:
* Went on a hike with Karaliese and Amy. Talked for a couple of hours, ate some great breakfast with Lelands new egg mcmuffin maker and then talked with Karaliese some more!
* Hung out at Ron and Sue's, drinking water in the shade, just relaxing- it was so fabulous!
* Watched Matt and Sue plant Sue's tomatoes in her brand new raised bed garden
* Watched American Idol from last week. I'm bummed Allison left.
* Ate London Broil for the first time
* Came home and watched an episode of Weeds
* Crashed!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's Just Delicate

Matt is a gardener. A crazy gardener. But a lovely gardener at that.

Just two seconds ago, he walked into the house, Sweet Peas in hand and said "This is the greatest flower smell. It's just so delicate."

He has filled 7 vases and put them on our bedroom dresser. He claims he's responsible for the flower arrangements around the house. Just this morning, before 8am, he'd cleared 2 "old" bouquets and refilled them with new, fresh flowers, all from our garden.

So sweet.