Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To Do List 2/23/11

I've had this to-do list running around in my head for quite some time... and I just realized that I could put it on my blog and not loose it!  Genius!

Maybe having in one spot will actually allow me the satisfaction of crossing things off.... (and I'm not actually sure how to cross it off).... anyone?

Life Projects:
* Get Life Insurance for Matt and I
* Start 403b plan and putting $50/paycheck away to start
* Get a will in place
* Make a doctor's appointment with new doctor
* Talk to Financial Guy
* Get new insurance to save money
* Send Frye Boots in for stitching
* Get Library Card
* Update DMV with address
* Make Cashi's first year CD/Video montage
* Scrapbook projects
      * Finish Wedding Scrapbook
      * Finish Family scrapbook
      * Finish College scrapbook
      * Finish 2010 Project Life scrapbook

House Projects:
* Create chalkboard calendar
* Put up chalkboard calendar
* Hall Bath Renovation
      * Find shelving for Hall Bath
      * Obtain Mirror for Hall Bath
* Master Bath Renovation
      * Paint new sink base for Master Bath Renovation
* Repaint Master Bedroom
* Knock out wall between Kitchen and Living Room
* Paint dining table
* Paint chairs
* Paint Secretary?
* Paint Chalkboard Menu Thingy
* Get shelf/Hang Shelf
* Figure out if Microwave can be fixed

Whew!  Let's see where this goes...

Monday, February 14, 2011

16 months

Dear Cassius,

I'm not sure I can come up with anything creative to begin your letter this month as all the usual expressions that come to mind seem redundant.  Of course, you continue to grow and amaze your dad and I and sometimes yourself too.

The best that I can usually do is remember little things about the past few days, so here goes....

Yesterday, a Sunday, we woke up (at 7am) and headed to Home Depot and you were cute.  Then we stopped for donuts and you were cute.  Then we came home and we ate our donuts but you didn't eat yours (we got you donut holes) but you were still cute.  Your dad was working on a chicken coop project with Manoa so you and I went to The Jungle in Concord.  You fell asleep on the way there and were cute as you slept.  We went inside and you were overwhelmed.  At first, you were interested in the big kid stuff but then you headed to the toddler section instead and cautiously explored.  We watched kids on the token machines (like the motorcycle and the car) and you sat on the motorcylce with out it moving and were loving it.  We went to go get you some tokens so you could ride the things in motion, but you preceded to freak out.  We left and came home and you hung out in your room by yourself for almost an hour before falling asleep.  I guess you just needed some down time.  After your long nap, you played and played and played outside and were cute.  You love to throw balls.  You enjoyed pushing your little cart around but got SO frustrated when it would get stuck on something.  You eventually figured out how to manuever it but not after much whining.  You enjoyed many of your morning donuts.  We all went for a walk down to the sushi restaurant while you looked really cute where you preceded to be a wild man which was not so cute!  I guess the donuts caught up to you because you were crazy!  You didn't like anything we ordered and threw everything on the ground-not cute. We got home, gave you a bath and you went to bed and were adorably cute while sleeping. 

Here's things of note:
You are a sensitive soul. 
You like to throw things.
You like to bang loudly on tables and floors and just about anything inappropriate.
You like being sent to the naughty step (clearly it's not working).
You are cute and I'm pretty sure you know it... as you smirk as you do the above naughty things.

You had your check up today and the doctor said that only thing we need to do is keep you safe.  I have to say, we actually do a pretty good job at that, but sometimes its a bit challenging.

You weighed in at 25 lbs (We had to weigh you and me together and then just me... you screamed on the scale and then screamed while the nurse held you while I weighed myself).  You measured in at 33 inches.

You say and sign new things all the time.  On Saturday, your dad and I saw you sign "guitar" while making little sounds (and looking at the guitars at work).  You learned how to flick your tongue when we ask you what an iguana says.   You kiss babies whenever you see them but you tend to hit other kids when they are in your space.  You love balls and balloons and can say each clearly.  You are fairly good about your thank you's and semi consistent with signing please.

I think I'll let the pictures say the rest... with the caption of CUTE!

Love you,