Saturday, January 7, 2012

Best Date Night Ever (with a 2 year old)!

Tonight, Cash and I had a little date night.  Matt went over to a friends house to watch a football game so I told Cash that we were going on a date.  To start off, we walked (he triked, I pushed) to the school park and toodled around looking at the creek and monster equipment that is set up right now (they are installing solar panels at the school).  He slid down the slide once but went through a puddle of water, so we headed back.  It was adorable because I asked "Donde esta la luna?" and he pointed right at it, though I asked again and I don't think he thought he actually understood what I was saying.

Then we went to Panera for dinner.  On the way there, out of no where, he said "I love you so much."  Tears, I tell you and the highlight of my day.  At Panera, he was generally well-behaved, especially for a two year old and especially after drinking a very sweet hot chocolate (my little treat for him). 

We read book in Mama's bed and sang two songs and he went down to bed.  Just after I left, he said "Where are you mama and prite (Sprite)?" and I just couldn't help but go in and tell him that we were right here and would see him in the morning.  It's now 8:15 and I still hear him tossing and turning but he's been quiet ever since.

Matt reported the best day with him too.  2 is sooooo much fun.  I love it!

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