Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Fun Day in the City and home

What a fun day!  (With no photos to prove it).

3rd day of vacation after 2 days of working on home projects with Matt led us to a day in the city.  We had intentions of spending the entire day in the city but plans changed.... Here's a rundown of the day:

Cash to School
Home to Ready
Out of the door at 9:45, in the city by 10:30.  Parked at Guerrero, rockstar style, near Tartine.
Awesome breakfast- croque monsieur, croissant with ham and a morning bun
Walk around the Mission, stopped in a thrift store (no finds)
Walked through Dolored Park
Pit Stop at Bi-rite creamery
Then we decided to head home!

Nap time!
Got my toe nails did!
Picked up Cash
Baby shower
Now Matt, Ron and Jimmy are just finishing up a jam session in the living room!

What an awesome day!

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