Thursday, January 31, 2008

The desire to be perfect

I can slowly sense that this blog is going to be a bit of therapy for me. As I re-read some of my posts from earlier this week, I think to myself "that was silly, dumb, spelled wrong, not interesting, imperfect." I am not perfect, I've never claimed to be- yet the blogs I read seem so calculated, so precise, so perfect.

I find myself drawn to other's blogs for many reasons- mommas, completely different lifestyles and choices than me, great photography, the little drama in our lives. One in particular is of a mom.... I enjoy her blog, and she misspells many, many words. I've been tempted to comment to her in a constructive sort of way, since it effects that way I feel about her... and then I start this blog and think- wow. Blogging is a brave new world. One that anyone can see, anyone can comment on, anyone can suggest edits. Yikes.

So here goes something... to blogging and being imperfect... to living in the moment and putting myself out there (and hitting spellcheck before I publish!)

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