Wednesday, November 11, 2009

1 month

Dear Cassius,

It is my intention to write you a little letter each month... a love letter of sorts and to document your life.

You are now 1 month old. It's been a great month getting to know you. It seems like a distant memory that you were in my belly. It doesn't seem that you've established any kind of schedule that I can tell but we are getting to know what you like. Here goes:

* Being nudey on the changing table. It seems you like to look around without your pants on. In the last week, you've decided that you don't like a dirty or wet diaper- which is a change from the first few weeks. Maybe you are just trying to get undressed?

* Eating. You are now 11 lbs. You love boobs (or at least mine). If all else fails to calm you, the boobs will usually do the trick. You also tried the bottle for the first time in the last week. Once you realized there was food inside, you seemed more into it. You drank 2 oz for your dad last night and he was more than tickled.

* Being worn in various carriers. This might have something to do with boobs, but I don't think so as you like to be worn by your dad too (and he doesn't have boobs, just FYI). Thus far you've been worn by many people including Brooke, Abby, Grandma Peters, Grandpa Peters and of course, Dad and Mom. You like to face out and look at the world but you also love facing inward and falling asleep. In fact, you are asleep in the wrap as I type.

* Being outside. Maybe it's the fresh air or all the new sites and sounds (and smells) but you seem to like it outside. We've gone on many walks as a family but perhaps the most special is the mornings that you walk with your Dad. He takes you out on a daily basis so that your Mom can get a few more minutes of sleep. You guys walk all around the neighborhood... My guess is that he's talking or singing to you the entire time.

Speaking of sleeping... you are just starting to sleep more during the night. Last night we had our first 5 hour stretch of time followed by a 3 hour stretch. Thanks Cassius! I seem to have a hard time getting you to go to sleep and stay asleep but your Dad is a pro. He has the sleepy touch in that way.

It seems that gas gets in your way a lot. It gets in our way too since we don't really know how to get it out of you. We're trying gripe water and other things. Bicycling your legs seems to help... or it helps push the farts out anyway.

Speaking of farts... although you do that a lot, farting hasn't made you smile, but we have. Grandma, Grandpa, Mom and Dad have each gotten 1 smile from you so far... and we can't wait to see some more from those chubby little cheeks and cute little lips.

And finally... speaking of body parts... You've got your Mom's chin (actually your Great-Grandpa Dohlman's chin) and your Dad's eyes. So far, your eyes are a dark steel grey/blue and we are just waiting to see what color they will be!

Cassius D., you are the love of my life (along with your dad and your dog, Sibley). I can't wait to watch you grow up to be a little boy. Welcome baby!


Your Mama

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