Friday, May 21, 2010

7 months

Dear Cassius,

You are now over 7 months old and you change everyday.  Just today you slept for over 2.5 hours for a nap.  That's a first!  I took advantage and squeezed 2 hours in there as well.  Thanks little man.

You officially have 2 teeth (bottom front).  You got your first one 2 days shy of turning 7 months and the second one creeped in there about a week later.  Maybe it's because you have always been a little fussy, but we didn't notice any difference when the teeth were coming in.  You are still a super drooler and continue to drool like crazy, even though it appears that those two teeth are the only ones coming in right now.

Your dad has been taking care of you all day on Saturdays recently as I started my soon to be full time job and work on Saturdays now.  You guys do all kinds of things.  For his/your first true Saturday together, you went to your second Giants baseball game with Jeff and Haven.  The Giants won and you were a rockstart.  

You sit like a champ and are starting, just starting, to scoot with your butt.  Just this morning I sat you on your toosh in the crib and you were bouncing up and down.  You didn't get anywhere, but it was damn cute.  You have also started to move over your legs as you are sitting.  You haven't gotten anywhere but occasionally you'll topple over onto your belly.   You can lift your belly off the ground when you are on your belly but haven't figured out the leg thing yet. 

You are a regular morning pooper.  You go to sleep like a champ.  You just started to sleep until 6am but then you are up... but only for about 1 hr and then it's back to sleep.  Just last weekend, your dad and I took you to a party at Chuck and Marby's for Casey's 30th birthday and you were great!  You were a real charmer and then you charmed your mom!  You fell asleep in their office, on the floor and transfered just fine to and from your carseat and into your crib. 

You eat like a champion.  You even feed yourself those puff thingies and the teething biscuits.  You've now tried cottage cheese, yogurt, chicken, turkey, and today, you tried some bread for the first time.  Generally on the first try you make a funny face, but by the second or third time it's served, you are all game.  Your favorite right now appears to be kale and rice.  Grandma Miller would be proud!  You also tried a lime the other day and made the cutest face!  It was a bit tart, but you kept wanting more. 

You and I are just about done breastfeeding.  It makes me a bit sad, but you are happy bottle baby.  You squeal in delight when I bring you a bottle. 

You weighed 19lbs the other day but we'll get your official weight next week. You surprisingly still fit into some 6 month clothes.

You still love music.  Your dad plays the guitar to you almost every day.  You've started to experiment with playing the drum and the tamborine. 

You love to sit on the kitchen floor as your dad is getting ready.  You chew on all kinds of things, but your favorite is the spatula. 

Your dad took you to the park and you got your first swinging session in.  You loved it!  You also go to the Berkeley Warm Pool on many Fridays.  Your dad is more patient with the silly songs than I am, so he usually takes you.  You love to splash in the water. 

You are quite the flirt and smile huge smiles for some women (and some men too) but for others it's a straight face.  You are too funny.  You love to be out and about and you elicit smiles from just about everyone. 

Your hands and feet are constantly going.  You open and close your fists and your feet are often twirling in circles.  It makes me smile just thinking about it.   You also just started to clap.  You've always loved it when we clap for you and now you can clap for yourself.  It's too cute!

You also whine.  A Lot.  In fact you are whining now... so I must end your letter.

Love you,