Friday, July 23, 2010

9 months...

Dear Cassius,

You've officially been out as long as you were in and I'm uber late in writing you this letter. 

You got to spend your 9 month birthday at Witch Lake!  We spent 3 awesome weeks at the lake with family.  You giggled and screamed and scooted and learned to crawl at Witch Lake.  You didn't really like the water in the lake, but loved playing in your little pool on the deck.

Before that, you got to meet your cousins down state.  I have to say that I think Andy is your favorite.  He visited Witch Lake and is all kinds of goofy!  He made you squeal with laughter.  Once you got a bit of attention from Andy, you would scream at him if he left the room or stopped paying attention to you.  He greeted you every morning and wanted to say good night every night!

You weigh close to 21 lbs and are 29.5 inches long.  You still have 2 teeth on the bottom and 0 on top, but that top right tooth is just about to come through. 

You love to eat, most of the time.  You especially love chicken and turkey and will eat a ton!  You still feed yourself most of the time and prefer that to being spoonfed, especially when you are tired. 

You just started day care with our neighbor down the street.  You seem to love it and barely noticed that we even left you on your first day there.  On days you aren't in day care, you are spending it with your dad.  He likes to keep you busy (and you are much more pleasant to be with when you are out and about) so you guys have a constant stream of activities.

You are sleeping like a champ now that you are home.  The last few nights you have slept from 7pm until at least 7am, sometimes almost until 8am!  Rockstar!

You still love music of any kind.  You still love clapping and know what to do when we sing the clapping song or when we ask you to clap.  You are also waving hi and bye though sometimes it's a few minutes after we ask.

You are sort of giving hugs and those are the best.  Sometimes, when I pick you up, you'll give me a quick squeeze around the neck and it's so cute!

It's been a challenge and joy these first 9 months but you remain the light of my life. 

Love you little man,


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