Sunday, October 17, 2010

11 months

I wrote this letter back in September but didn't post because I wanted the photos to coincide.  Well, I still haven't got the pictures (I have to get more memory for my computer) but I wanted to post the letter

Dear Cassius,

Less than a month left before you are 1... HOLY COW!  Time sure has flown by fast.  I can hardly remember those itty bitty days because these days, well, they are just fun.  Every day I get to spend with you is fun.  It's fun watching you grow and learn.  It's fun watching your demands and signs.  It's even fun watching you poop!  Did I really just type that???

Since I'm actually writing this (mostly) on time, I'm only going to recall the last few days and pick out some of my favorite moments.

On Friday, I picked you up from Eliza's and your dad came home shortly after.  We raced up and down the block towards each other and you laughed such hearty laughs.  Saturday you spent the day with your dad.  He taught you to motorboat onto your arm.  You are pretty good at it, but your dad is the best.  Sunday was a family day and the day you actually decided to start the day darn early... like around 6:15am early.  We had a lazy morning of hanging around the house and we took a little trip to our local park.  You proceeded to eat the plastic little thingies on the ground when you dove face first into the grass, so I made us leave.  You took a nice nap, we had some snacks and then headed out to Top of the World with Sibley.  I wore you out to the view in the backpack and your dad wore you on the way back.  You were a happy little clam, just taking it all in.  Your dad spotted a fox and managed to get a few photos... so cool!  Your dad watched football and I took a nap while you napped... All in all, it was a great day.

Today, at Trader Joe's you squealed in delight and a guy working there said "Whoah!" but I just gave you a kiss... it was just a happy little squeal!  You loved the chocolate covered blueberries at Peet's (I ate off most of the chocolate- sorry!) but didn't so much like the candied ginger...

We also went to a park to play with Brooke (who's about to have a baby, anyday) and Kara and Maddie.  You are so stinkin' cute- eating your plum, cruising around, giving me hugs and hanging out.  You did try to steal several of Maddie's toys, but you did your share of sharing too.  Right now, you're just snoozing in your crib.  You are such a great sleeper and really make my life pretty easy in that regard.

Let's see... anything new with you??

You sign more and up and potty/poop (occasionally).  You pooped on the potty today (first time in several weeks- but yeah!).  You eat just about anything.  You give great hugs.  You are starting to bite which is not cool.  Apparently you left some nice "oh's" on Sam's shirt on Friday.  You love to take the DVD's and Atari games from under the TV.  You are obsessed with the refridgerator.  One time we even found you trying to drink directly from the Hershey's syrup bottle!

Spending time with you is so much fun.  Haven't I said that a million times already??  But it is.  I look forward to each day with you, even if we don't get to spend a lot of time together.  I know I tell you about a hundred times each day, but I love you.



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