Sunday, March 13, 2011

17 Months

Dear Cassius,

Time is flying by!  We are pretty much settled into the new house and the bathroom is in the middle of a remodel.  I'm pretty sure you'd love to help with all the projects but we do those after you've gone to bed.  You love to help out whenever possible, or just hang around.  This morning your dad and I worked on various projects and you just wandered around with random tools.  You inspect things but you mostly just bang stuff around.  You love hearing the saw run, but from a safe distance and in mama's lap.

While we were playing today, you walked a ways down the court pushing your little cart.  It was so cute but scary too.  You are growing so much and your confidence grows every day.  Sounds are not as scary now, but you are a sensitive guy.

The other day at daycare, Lisa said that you totally understood the concept of musical chairs!  How kid? How?  You are doing great when I leave you at daycare now.  You were crying for a bit there, but now I put you in Lisa's lap and you wave good-bye to me.  She and I are both astounded at how cuddly you have become.   You even cuddled with me the other day to watch Supernanny!

Hmmmm.... Anything else fun?
* You helped Grandpa clean up his fence project the other day.  I guess you guys were cleaning for 1.5 hours and you just hung out, picking up nails the entire time.  Grandma says you need a drill of your own.

* Your dad took you to Buchanan Field where you got to see planes take off and land while playing with a few other kids.  How cool!
* You can throw quite the tantrums when you don't get your way.

* You still LOVE your lovey.  You squeal when you get to see it/hold it.

* You started singing the "Vowel Song" from They Might Be Giants DVD.  A- I- Y!

* You are obsessed with balls and bunnies... especially the neighbor's.

* We jumped in puddles when it was raining and had a blast!

* You sign and say "help" and it's the cutest thing ever!  "Hewp, Hewp"

* You still insist on your bottle of milk in the morning.  I would like to be a tough parent and take it away, your dad insists we keep it as it makes for a happier you and an easier morning.  For now, I'm conceding.

You continue to be the light of my life.  Keep up the growing kid!  I love you!


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