Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What's hapenning: May 2012 version

Hi Brooke!  Thanks for the reminder that I need to post about updates.

I'm feeling like categories tonight, so here we go:

House:  We are making progress towards a kitchen remodel, but it's SLOW going.  The outdoor shower is done, and has been done and we've been enjoying it, especially in the mornings!  The guest room is now finished.... which means the master bedroom/bathroom is probably next on the minor projects list (ha!)

Kidlet:  Growing and showing every part of 2.5.  Wow!  We've figured out that if we stray from his bedtimes too much we pay for it with a cranky, cranky kid which in turn leads to a cranky, ornery mama which is no good.  My mom and Karsyn came for a visit last week and he had a BLAST! but ice cream for lunch and bedtimes around 9am meant the day after they left, I lost it because he was losing it.  We're back on track (for the most part now) and we only have major tantrums, horrible listening, general wiseassness every once in awhile- which I can handle.  I'm too lazy to look at my last update about Cash's language- but it's amazing.  He's starting to joke around a lot and completely speaks in full sentences.  Just tonight he asked, "Mama, wanna hear my joke?  Why did the chicken cross the road?"  His answer was total nonsense but it was hilarious.  Last week, we were sitting at the table eating breakfast and he looked and me and said, "Dohlman, guess what?" He's picked up all kinds of things from daycare from the good (like he told me the other day that Jupiter is the biggest planet, Saturn has rings, Mars is red and Mercury is closest to the sun, which is REALLY hot!) and the bad (we are going to kill the monsters, calling people boobie and poopoo and whatnot).  Potty training is not going too well.  He'll pee on the potty 90% of the time you put him on it, but he rarely (like only 1-2 times) has told us he has to pee.  The stickler really seems to be pooping.  Our reward system is a riot.  I want to document it so I can laugh at it down the road.   Right now, he gets a jelly bean and an M & M for peeing (a big pee) on the potty, a jelly bean or an M & M for a little pee or a "quick try (just sitting on the potty)", skittles for even farting on the potty, and the promise of any thing from his monster goodie (candy) bag if he poops.  I can not believe I can keep track. 

He's awesome at playing baseball and can hit a ball when it is tossed to him.  He can run and kick a ball without stopping. 

He knows the Alphabet song and to count to 10.  He knows most of his letters by sight (not lowercase) and he knows what a lot of the letters are for "D is for Dog" and funny enough, "D is for Dohlman." 

Work:  Going pretty well.  It looks like my job will be split into two positions if the budget goes through (hallelujah!).

Matt:  A gardening fool.  He got a juicer for his birthday.  Tonight was our first juice and he's smitten.

Sibley:  She's doing better.  She wears a muzzle 100% of the time when she is with Cash. 

Sprite:  He is an awesome cat, with extremely stinky poop! 

That's all I wanna write.  Hit PUBLISH! 

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