Friday, July 27, 2012

Birthday #32

Today is my birthday and I couldn't be happier in my life... really. 

Since I don't write all that often, I'm not going to try to wax poetic about the epic awesomeness that is my life but I do want to remember in 30 years that this time in my life was amazing.

I'm healthy (except for a root canal that I need done, next Tuesday)
Cash and Matt are healthy
Matt's family and my family are all healthy

We have anything we could need and a ton of the stuff that we want.  My "wants" for this year were a new silicon pastry brush and a tattoo design and I got them both. 

Matt did a lot of special things in honor of my birthday... let's name a few:
* Cleaned the bathroom with very little prompting :)
* Refurbished our old bench in a color that I requested
* Indulged my lunch/dinner desires pretty much all week (that's not all that special, but I knew I had the card this week!)
* Sinful Bliss cupcake gift certificate and we all walked down after dinner tonight to share dessert
* He got up at 6am when Cash woke up asking for someone
* Lovely text during the day

Cash was a pretty great kid (minus a few random screams) and I even got leg hugs and kisses before I went off to work.

All in all, I'm delighted to be 32 but even more thankful that life is so good.  

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