Monday, June 29, 2009

Rounding out the rest of the trip....

Wanted to get the rest of the trip and a few photos up before I forget...

Matt's posted a bit of a slideshow on Picasa

From the California Redwoods, we headed up the coast of Oregon, staying in Newport and having dinner at Sylvia's Beach House. It's listed in 1,000 Places to See (I didn't know that before hand) but it was a great time and excellent, if not amazing, food.

Saw a gorgeous sunset over the beach from our hotel room (thank god for hotel rooms! and real beds and real showers that don't run on quarters).

Headed up to Seattle and stopped in Portland to Nathan and Penelope (and get the good news!). We arrived to see Rebecca and Maya and grab some grub at Matador (a cool bar/restaurant with awesome seating and decor) before Jeff got home.

Next day we spent with Jeff, getting delicious coffee and pastries (double baked almond croissant!) and I picked up a Lavender cupcake along the way. Went into Pike's Place Market but alas, Matt forgot the camera that day, so no photos.

Next day, we went to Alki and got more coffee and walked around the beach like neighborhood and by the time we were done, I was done with walking! We stopped at Lincoln Park and sat on a bench, chatting and relaxing before Jeff had to go to work. Matt and I then headed out on our on downtown to REI (the original store aka the mothership) and the the EMP (where we got in free because Matt's so darned cute!). Then back to West Seattle for some amazing pizza and ice cream (cupcakes were sold out dammit!).

Then headed to Crater Lake or more precisely, our campsite at Joseph Stewart. A stop for gas had me gloating that I got to use my Safeway points to save $.10 a gallon on gas! Yipppeee!!!!! That night we went to a "presentation" on civil war guns, etc as they were having a reinactment the next day.

Crater Lake the next day was amazing! I had a tough time walking at such high elevation but we managed to walk a bit and get some great shots and great views (from a rocking chair! too). The fog/wind/coldness started to come in, so we took a short drive and then headed back towards camp, stopping at a natural bridge and a little cafe for amazing pie!

We thought we might stay for a battle (civil war reinactment) on Sunday morning, but we were ready to head home...

All in all a great trip!

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