Sunday, December 13, 2009

2 months


Dear Cassius,

You are now 2 months old.  You are growing so much and are more fun each and every day.  You smile at both me and your dad on a regular basis... though your dad thinks you smile at me more (which I have to agree and it pleases me to no end!)

I can't lie- this newborn stuff is tough.  I think most people write all the positive things about their babies lives, but I'm going to be straight with you... and give you the good and bad, so that one day when you have kids, you can tell them about how difficult of a baby you were and will know that it's payback.  (PS.  Your dad was a needy/fussy child too, so we're getting the payback too!)

Things about you that generally drive us batty:
* You cry, really, really loud.  You are by far the highest decibel crier in any room with crying babies.

* You have a very narrow comfort zone and are not afraid to let us know when we've stepped out of it.

* You will only sleep in my arms (not your dads for the most part), in a wrap/carrier, in the car or in the stroller during the day.   You often have to cry through my showers, because, sorry- mama needs a shower sometimes.

* You are a bit difficult to get to bed at night.  You like to fall asleep on the boob, but the second you are moved, you jolt awake with smiles and wide eyes.  That's so not cool.  You have to be put down to sleep multiple times.  In fact, I'm writing this between those times.  It's a bit frustrating.

* You seem to have some acid reflux/gas/inner issues.  You writhe and moan after many feedings and often wake up after a short period of time due to these issues.  

But now... on to the flip side of all those things.

* You smile the biggest, cutest smiles.  You coo.  You even laugh or chuckle sometimes (we think).  The chuckle comes as some pretty funny times too.

* You enjoy music.  Your dad sings to you.  Your grandpa sings to you.  Your mom kinda sings to you while making up verses/words that don't rhyme.  When people sign to you, you are generally content.

* You are starting to "sit" in our laps and watch the world.  You hold your head up and look around for longer and longer each day.  Today, we caught video of you in your Bumbo chair.  You actually seemed to enjoy it.

* You love the outdoors.  If/When you are fussy, once we go outside, you generally stop.

* You pet your dog.  When Sibley comes near you, I take your hand and pet her.  You both seem to like this.

* You love to be out and about.  Most of the time you crash and go to sleep, but you seem to be much more settled when we are out and about.  You have many people around us fooled... they think you are so quiet and chill... but you let us know differently at home.

Since my last letter, we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Peters family.  Uncle Brett and Aunt Jody came from South Bend.  They are a little weary of babies (I think) but you still got a little cuddle time in with them (while you were quiet).  You went out on your first disc golf outing on Thanksgiving Day.  I wore you in a carrier and we worked with Sibley while your dad, Brett and Jody played disc.  You were sleeping throughout much of social hour, but the second (literally, the second) I sat down at the Thanksgiving Dinner table, you started to wail... so your dad and I ate dinner at the kitchen counter while I swayed back and forth to keep you quiet.

Just an FYI... Your stats at your 2 month appointment:
13 lbs. 9 oz- 96th percentile (PS.  I think these percentiles are stupid, but whatever)
24.5 inches long- 98th percentile
Your head circumference was 40 cm- 66th percentile.

I guess you are going to be one big boy with your mama's peanut head.  Good Lord!

Even though you are fickle thing, we love you dearly.  Your soft chubby cheeks are perfect for nuzzling.  Your big hands and feet are perfect lint traps.  Your smile lights my world.


Your mama

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brooke said...

Thanks for writing these. I'm going back and re-reading them now that they make more sense to me! And thanks for putting in some honesty helps me remember to breathe on exhausted days like this.

PS--Cash was one big 2 month old!!