Thursday, December 31, 2009

Grandparents and Good Byes

My grandparents had always been a part of my life.  I had all four of my grandparents when Matt and I met, at the age of 23, which was awesome.  With my Grandma Miller's passing last week, they are now all gone. 

While Good Bye's are hard for most, the good byes of my grandparents have all been "easy".  They were all at the end of their lives (all over 80, and all after failing health) and saying good bye really was a relief to end the suffering.

Cassius never got to "meet" his grandparents but he did get to Skype with his great grandma Miller in early December.  Maybe Skype will be old news when he is old enough to ask about them, but I still think its a cool memory. 

I think I'll try to write about each one so he can know of them through my memories.

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