Saturday, January 9, 2010

Babies 1st Holiday Season

So it's offcially the 3 month anniversary of your birth, and although I should be writing you your 3 month letter, I'm going to try to get caught up and recap the holidays, before they get a little blurry (and boy do things get blurry past 20 minutes (or 5 minutes) ago). 

Your first holiday season is one to remember (and you won't and I don't remember it all), but it was jam-packed.

We ventured to Iowa on your first airplane ride to see your Mimi and had all kinds of plans to see other people in your life, but the weather didn't cooperate. So you got to meet your cousins Karsyn and Kinley and you got to spend some time with Mimi, Vic an Elle.  You did manage to see Boots and Charlee but you slept through most of that.  You were carried around by just about everyone, including Karsyn (though you are practically half her size).  You trampled through the snow to walk the crazy dogs, you got your picture taken outside while huge, white, fluffy snowflakes danced around us, you fell asleep in your cousin's swing with your arms gripping the sides (it was too cute), you slept on an air mattress for the first time, and you opened your first presents (and you weren't interested in the slightest).

Our trip back to California was fantastically uneventful after all kinds of delays and issues, but we made it back and your schedule finally got back on track.  Brett and Jody arrived and the whirlwind of time with the family began.  You spent a full day with your Grandma Peters and Great Aunt Sheryl and a full day with your dad (and he loved every minute of it and raved how fun it was!) while I worked.  You went on a crazy hike (it was crazy long for your mom, at least) at Briones, you visited Uncle Yu's for the first time and you made it to Course #4 of New Year's Eve before your dad insisited that we go home.

You did get a few cool toys to play with and your toy "box" is nearly full... and that's about all I can remember.  Here's to a great 2010!

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