Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Follow Up to Ferber

We caved. We are not true Ferber advocates.  The first few days were okay, not horrible and they seemed to work.  Then the crying continued, and continued and it didn't get better.  Scratch the Ferber method- it wasn't working.  Or maybe it was, but I couldn't stand the crying for days on end.  I was willing to try it for a few hours for a few days... but then, no more, that's too much for a 3 month old.

So, we went to a more gentle method and it's working like a charm.  I think the increase in crying might have been due to a growth spurt but none the less, the gentleness is working better for us.

He still goes down like a rockstar.  We change him into pajamas, we read a book (if he's not demanding the boob) and then he nurses.  He nurses until he falls asleep or fusses to be done and then in the crib he goes (with a smooch on the forehead).  Tonight, he went into his crib wide awake (but sleepy) and he went to sleep in less than 5 minutes. The last few nights he's been waking between 1-3 times a night for full feeds and then back to sleep with barely a whimper. 

The "rule" is that he's allowed into our bed after 6am- to snuggle aka feed and fall back asleep. We love it.  We are getting decent sleep.  We love our little man (not that we didn't, but man, that sleep craziness is maddening!)

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