Friday, February 12, 2010

4 months

Dear Cassius,

Just this Tuesday you turned four months. This last month has been a bit of a whirlwind.. you see, you are actually becoming a great little baby and not some terrible infant.

You smile more and more, you cry less and less (for the most part), you eat more and more, you sleep more and more, you move more and more and I love you more and more each and every day. I didn't know that was possible since I've loved you from before you were born, but I actually really like you. You are neat, spiffy, groovy and rad!

Let's see.. some specifics.

We just got back from the doctor. You weigh in at 16 lbs, 12.2 oz (90th percentile). You are 26.5 inches long (96th) and your head measures in at 42cm (51st). You are slowly coming down in the charts, which I have to say I'm quite happy about. From your measurements in the beginning, I was starting to think you'd be a giant...or that you'd grow up too fast. But you are slowing down just a bit... (though 90th percentile is still HUGE!) and I thank you for that. I kinda wanna keep you this size for awhile.

You are standing a ton now for several seconds, if not minutes, in my lap. You still love to watch Sibley where ever she goes/is. If you are unhappy and she comes into the room, you immediately stop crying and watch her. Unfortunately, I don't think she shares the same admiration just yet (but I'm betting when you start eating Cheerios, you'll win her heart). You rolled over from front to back a few weeks ago and just yesterday morning you started to twist while on your back so back to front rolls are not too far off. You sit really well when assisted and you love to sit in anyone's lap- it must make for a better vantage point. You love to suck on your fingers- specifically your right hand's thumb and your left hands pointer finger.  You love to look at yourself in the mirror after you take a bath and have the towel around your head- you smile, beaming, at yourself.  You love being out and about- walks, shopping, strolling. You tried rice cereal for the first time in the last month and I think I even snuck in avocados and a teeny bit of a coconut popsicle. You see, I thought you were ready since you intently watch us eat, but it turns out, you really just like our fingers in your mouth. We are off to buy you your own spoon soon. Oh, and you started a bit of formula this month too. It's still mixed with mama's mil, but it's helping you get full before bed because you just want to eat so damn much before you hit the sack!

This past week you started going to our neighbor's house one day a week. Her name is Lyndsie too, so I hope we don't confuse you. She has a little girl Haven who is just one day older than you. You two seem to get along pretty well and seem to enjoy your time together. She comes to your house for a few hours a couple days, so you get to see each other often.

We have started to call you Cashy Pupu Tray for no apparent reason, but this weekend we hope you get to experience your first Flaming PuPu Tray from Uncle Yu's. I'll let you know how it goes.

Cassius D, you are the joy in my life. I can't stop snuggling you (or cleaning out your ears). I can't stop melting when you smile. I love you.


PS.  You were quite serious for your 4 month photo shoot.

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