Friday, February 5, 2010

Snippets of my life...

*Cash is asleep right now, in his crib. He fell asleep completely on his own. I just put him in there, watched him smile at me for a bit, then left the room. 15 minutes later, I'm guessing he is asleep because I hear nothing.

Yup, just checked. He's conked out, with his little sheep nearby. My god, he's cute!

*Changing the sheets on the crib sucks. He's been in his crib for almost 3 weeks now (maybe longer) and I've kept meaning to change his sheets but I would only remember at nighttime, just as he was about to be put in the crib- not the ideal time to change the sheets. So I did it just before nap above and it sucks.

*If you aren't supposed to use bumpers, then why do they make them? Why do they come in sets with sheets? What if they get their hands/feet caught in the bars? I'm so annoyed.

*My kid wakes up to eat a full meal every 3-4 hours (sometimes 5) at night. Shouldn't he be sleeping longer?

*Cash is more fun, more smiley every day. It's awesome to start a new day with him.

*There is more to my life than the baby, but right now, I can't think of much outside of him. sigh

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brooke said...

If it helps, I'm happy to just hear about him! :)