Monday, November 15, 2010

13 months

Dear Cassius,

13 months!  Holy wow!  I can't believe we are already at 13 months.  Now I have to tell people that you are 13 months, you are not just 1 year.  You are growing every day, learning, becoming more brave and more stubborn too!

Your words are picking up like crazy.  Today you said "ish" (fish).  Yesterday you repeated "zoo" but I don't thnk you knew what it meant. You officially call dada by name.   You love to point out cats and pumpkins and scarecrows.  In the morning, when you wake super early, we pull you into bed with us.  You love to look at the book about not getting out of bed (ironic, really) and point out the "woof-woofs".  You've also just added on the cats and the birds.

Last night we were at your Oma and Opa's (Opa asked to be called that last night) and you got to open your present from them for your birthday.  It was a cool ride-on firetruck and you loved it!  You love pushing the buttons to make sounds/lights and you love when your Oma pushes you around.

It's so fun watching you grow and add on new words and see you understand more and more about life. 

I love you.


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