Thursday, December 9, 2010

14 months...

Dear Cassius,

So much has happened in the last month! 

You started walking!  So cute!  It started with 2-3 steps, but now you are up to 10 steps or so. 

You keep adding words to your repertoire!  You now say affe (giraffe), fant (elephant), eat/at (eat), shuuuz (shoes), dada, ish (fish), ease (please), aseeas (gracias), caca, duh or guh (dog), guh guh or some version of it (Sibley).  You try to repeat many things... such as light, fan, and just about whatever else you can point at but we haven't figured out what you are saying just yet.  

You keep adding signs to go along with those words.  You now sign: giraffe, elephant (kinda), eat, please, more, all done, kitty, and bird. 

You started singing!  Just yesterday, Eliza said that you started signing and singing "Twinkle Twinkle" with Lynn at music time.  My gosh you are cute!

You love craft time and get so excited to do crafts with Eliza. You loved our Thanksgiving trip to the aquarium.

Some thoughts from your dad (with added notes from mama):

We really appreciate your new night time diapers.  We appreciate that you do not soak through them in the night and that as a result, you sleep longer.

We are glad you know how to point, if only you knew what you really wanted with the object at the end of that finger.  Everything is "at" (as in: what's that?)

Today, your parents loan got funded for our new house!  We are moving to Pleasant Hill so that you can have a yard to run around in, a street/court to ride your bike in and a school to attend that is safe and will challenge you to go to college.  We are sad to leave Oakland and our house (afterall, you were born in the dining room) but we are ready to move on.  We hope to see all that Downtown Pleasant Hill has to offer and we hope you enjoy it!

You are more and more our little boy everyday.  You continue to amaze us and make our hearts melt each and every day.  We hope you can kick your stubborn cough soon.

We love you.

Mama and Dada

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