Sunday, May 22, 2011

19 months

Dear Cassius,

You said "I love you" unprompted for the first time this month.  I think my heart nearly exploded as I put you to bed and you said, so sweetly, "la laaaa lo mama."

You went to the doctor for your 18 month check up and you haven't changed a whole lot since your last appointment.  33.25 inches (or so) and 26lbs 5 oz (or so).  The doctor isn't too worried that you supposedly haven't changed much, especially since it's probably due to the fact that you aren't too thrilled about being weighed and measured, hence some kinda wonky measurements (PS.  That is a horrible run on sentence with lots of useless words).

You started to put sentences together this month.  Hello Dada was your first and the vocab just keeps coming.  Today you said "wawa on (water on)".  You are getting pretty good about playing by yourself.  You still play relatively well with others.  You love to help your dad in the garden and you helped me bake cookies for the first time.  It was quite a mess and you only helped for about 30 seconds, but you did help.  We made cookies for all the neighbors who have so warmly greeted us since our move.  You had fun handing out the cookies too, even though you weren't feeling well that day.  A few days after handing out the cookies, you point to the houses where we dropped them off and say "coooookies".

This last month you went to 2 zoo's: Happy Hollow and the Oakland Zoo.  You really love looking at the animals (and running around) but you're not fond of the carousel!

Speaking of under the weather, you seem to have taken on your father's drama queen moments while ill.  Granted, you did vomit once, but the rest of the time, you were whiny and full of drama.  Now that you are on the mend, it seems to be residing.  Yeah!

You had two cousins born this month, Chloe (Chris and Melissa) and Lucas (Bob and Sarah)!

We booked our trip to Witch Lake this month!  I can't wait.  You'll be flying up with me and back with your dad.  It should be a blast!

Not sure there is a whole lot more to report.  I love you so much.  Thanks for being an awesome kid!



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VW said...

Sweet post. I love your background! So happy!