Thursday, May 5, 2011

To Do List 5/5/11

Some {very small, but still!} progress has been made, new projects have been added to the list.  Here's an update:

Life Projects:
* Get Life Insurance for Matt and I
* Start 403b plan and putting $50/paycheck away to start
* Get a will in place
* Make a doctor's appointment with new doctor
* Talk to Financial Guy
* Get new insurance to save money
* Send Frye Boots in for stitching
* Get Library Card
* Update DMV with address
* Make Cashi's first year CD/Video montage
* Scrapbook projects
      * Finish Wedding Scrapbook
      * Finish Family scrapbook
      * Finish College scrapbook
      * Finish 2010 Project Life scrapbook
* Taxes 2010

House Projects:
* Create chalkboard calendar
* Put up chalkboard calendar
* Order windows
* Hall Bath Renovation
      * Many things have been completed but were not on this list, including: select paint, paint walls, cut wainscotting, buy and install light, patch up drywall
      *  Things to add: paint wainscotting, touch up paint, re-grout and seal floor, paint trim/pieces, install fixtures, hang light after paint dries, caulk fixtures in shower, hang shower curtain rod
      * Find shelving for Hall Bath
      * Obtain Mirror for Hall Bath
* Master Bath Renovation
      * Paint new sink base for Master Bath Renovation
* Repaint Master Bedroom
* Knock out wall between Kitchen and Living Room
* Paint dining table
* Paint chairs
* Paint Secretary?
* Paint Chalkboard Menu Thingy- It's cut! 
* Get shelf/Hang Shelf
* Figure out if Microwave can be fixed
* Hang House Numbers

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