Friday, June 24, 2011

20 months

Dear Cassius,

You are one incredibly smart little dude!  It's so much fun figuring out what you've figured out!  Here's a snapshot:
- You started to sing songs.  Robot Parade was the first... it's so darn cute "obot arade".  You also like/sing Twinkle (Twinkle Little Stars) and (Wheels on the) Bus.  You ask dada to sing Monkey (and the Engineer).
- You like to count, or rather, when we count.  Your favorite is counting the chickens!
- You wake up with mama!mama!mama!mama! or dada!dada!dada!dada! every morning now.  No crying or whining like you used to... you use your words!
- You seem to like timeouts or the "corner".  Always keeping us on our toes.  You only try to bite and hit me... and no one else.  I guess that is good.
- You love "more ketchens (questions)".  What does a cow say? What does a donkey say? This one is my favorite as your "heehaw" is so cute!)
- You know all your colors (blue, red, pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, brown and black).  Just this week the answer is not automatically "lellow" (you would get it right on the second ask) but you're offering the color now and often with the object (white truck).   You are even getting two color combos!
-You love to help in the kitchen- from making food to washing dishes.  You love to be a part of the action.
-Your little voice is so cute.  Your intonation is so cute when you say "good girl" to Sibley or when you say "HONEY!" (as in Honey, I'm Home).

A few exciting things happened in May/June...
We went camping in the BUS! and we all had a great time.  You were hilarious with your saw, saw, saw, saw, saw!

Your dad picked up a bunch of lumber.  As usual, you were game to help! 

We had a foster kitten in the house.  Her name was Diana but you called her nanny.  It's been almost 3 weeks and you still talk about her.  You were scared of her when she would come near you, but you loved to watch her! I also had to bring a cat to the local shelter.  It's name was Toga and you still ask about "yogie" even though you spent all of 5 minutes with that cat!

You are one special little boy.  I am so proud you are mine and I am yours!


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