Wednesday, August 3, 2011

21 months

Dear Cassius,

Wow!  Time is flying by!  We've done a lot since my last letter and I'm eeking this in just before you turn 22 months! 

We had a great trip to Witch Lake and you L.O.V.E.D. it!  Every waking moment of it.  You had so much fun playing "boo" with Andy and Georgie.  You weed wacked every day.  You played in the water (a bit) with your Gramma and you loved to watch the saws and tools while Papa and Keith worked (tool are sharp- you remind us!).  A few highlights from the trip:
* You got to see Uncle Brett cut down a tree, with a chainsaw!  You still talk about this! 
* You got to see your other Uncle Brett, Aunt Mikki and cousins Kinley and Karsyn.
* You had a blast with Andy and Georgie doing all sorts of things.
* You flew with mom on the way out and dad on the way back and you did pretty well... it wasn't easy but we made it!
* You got to sleep with us a few nights in the last month or so.  It seems that in a new place, you just like to snuggle.  I kinda like it!

Speaking of snuggle... you learned to say the word "nuggle" and will often request it, especially in the morning.  Your vocab expands every day and you are stringing words and thoughts together all the time.  A couple of days ago you said "uncle" "picture" "raccoon" "phone" "white car"... because the day (or two) prior, Jeremy (aka Uncle Jeremy) came over and showed you a picture of a raccoon on his phone. I can't really remember, but I think the raccoon was near a white car!  Holy moly! 

I can't remember if this is new or not, but you know all your colors! and you are learning to count.  You've got 1, 2, 3 down (especially since we frequently use that to prepare you for what's to come next) and can count aloud to get Daddy to run through the "spinklers" with you.

You love to play with the big kids and can easily get into what ever game they are playing, be it hide and seek, duck duck goose or red light, green light.

It's been a big month for us as we decided to make the switch with your August 15th, you start up at a new daycare.  I hope you love the learning, and I think you will.

Oh... I almost forgot.  The temper tantrums have officially started.  Your first true tantrum was hilarious (to us).  You were S.O. upset because you couldn't hold the package of graham crackers.  You kept wailing "brown" (as in brown graham crackers) and "package".  Kicking, screaming, flailing, limp body, screaming and screaming for a good 20 minutes.  Then you got up, asked for a peach (and I gave it to you) and all was okay with the world.  Silly boy!

I know I say this every month, but you are the love of my life and a joy to watch.  I get excited for the times we share because you are just hilarious.

I love you,


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