Friday, September 11, 2009

"I Can't Find Our Baby"

That's what I heard when I woke up to pee around 5:00 this morning. Matt typically wakes up, asks if I'm okay and we all go back to bed. But this morning he said "I can't find our baby" or so I thought... he actually said "Koepp's had her baby" and the baby news has started to flow in.

After we found out we were pregnant, the news hasn't stopped pouring in from all over the country. Here's a short list people that we know that are pregnant with approx. due dates.

Chris (Matt's cousin) and Melissa- due in July- Check! Welcome Chase!
Stephanie (friend from High School) and Josh- due in Sept.- Check! Welcome Hadley!
Karen (Matt's co-worker) and Manoa- due Sept. 11th- Check! Welcome Jax!
Melissa (my friend from High School)- due Sept 25th- A girl- Check! Welcome Evelyn!
Lyndsie and Jeff (neighbors)- due Sept. 30th- A girl! Welcome Haven Patrece!
Lindsey and Matt- due Oct. 1- Welcome Cassius D!
April (Matt's friend from the UP) and Billy- sometime around me- Check! Welcome Brody William!
Wendy and Darren (second cousin)- due Oct. 11th- Check! Welcome Ava!
Julie (Matt's cousin) and Frankie- due Oct. 18th - A boy- Welcome Frankie IV!
Mikki (my sister) and Brett- due Nov. 4th- A girl- Welcome Kinley Grace
Sara and Richard Lew (Matt's co-workers)- due November 15th- A girl, Tessa Jane.
Karaliese (friend from ACS) and Leland- due Nov. 27th- A girl
Jason (Matt's UP friend) and Kerry- due Dec 23rd- A girl
Dr. Heather and hubby (vet at work)- due in January- A boy
Christina and Alexander (neighbors)- due in Feb. (I think)
Jen (my bestest friend from college) and Dave- due March 25th- a girl
Heather and Billy (Jen's sister)- due March 25th- a boy
Lyndsay (my friend from college) and Matt- due in April

Hopefully I'm not missing anyone.

That's a lot of babies making their way into the world in the next few months!

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