Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wrapping up at the Shelter... Starting a new life

Yesterday was my last day at the shelter before Maternity Leave. Those two words seem so daunting- like they need an echo or something. While work was mostly productive, I can't believe I'm not going into my office for the next 2 months, I can't believe I won't know who is adopted that weekend, I can't believe I'm not creating training plans for dogs for awhile, I can't believe that when I come back, I'll be a MOM!

All the thoughts and changes coming about caused a bit of a panic last night around bedtime. I was getting ready for bed as usual and whew! I just started to freak out! Life is about to change, seriously!

I've been excited for the day to come for 9 months now but now that it's here (or will be here soon), yowzaa! A little cold feet, a little holy cow, a lot of changes. I'm excited for so many things about being a parent (from breastfeeding, to delivering naturally, to raising our child in Oakland, to shopping at the market with them, to watching them interact with Matt, to sending them off to Kindergarten) but also a little nervous about the changes (like no more sleeping in until 10am just because, managing a dog and baby, more laundry, more time to get ready and get out the door).

In the end (or is should that be.... in the beginning), it's going to be all worth it... just a mild little panic. It's probably the same thing that will happen the first time this child has a cold.

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