Thursday, October 1, 2009

Your Room Awaits, Sir (or Ma'am)


Today is your due date and unless you and my uterus are are planning a quick exit, you will arrive late. Your room has been ready for weeks if not months. I'm not really a planner, but things just started showing up and before we knew it, the room was pretty much done thanks to garage sales, freecycle and repurposing some existing items.

Your friend Marby made you an amazing quilt with a subtle chicken pattern on it to appease your father (and your feathered friends in the backyard- Ali and Zona). I am not too crafty, but I do like to dabble here and there in easy projects. While watching Martha Stewart one day, I was inspired to create your mobile with extra quilt fabric (hopefully a growth chart will follow one day once we know your name).

In case this helps motivate you to make your arrival.... here are photos of your room:

Your mobile, baby....

Your dresser and your clothes, cloth diapers, blankets and all that jazz live up in here... your dog awaits your arrival too... I think she is most excited about your dirty diapers and you dropping Cheerios on the floor.

Your map of the world, albeit slightly outdated.... We'll take you on adventures and we'll show you how the worlds borders have changed since... deal?

Hope to see you soon!


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designHER Momma said...

Everything looks so great! Question - what kind of diapers are you using? I'm just getting started on cloth and I'm curious...