Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's Mimi Time aka Cassius' First Week

More labor story to come, but wanted to get something up about Cassius' first week at home. My mom (Mimi Tanner to my niece, Karsyn thus will be known as Mimi until Cassius decides what to call her) arrived on Monday evening, just after our midwife appointment. Cassius was back up to 8 lbs, 7 oz and gaining after his initial weight loss (down to 8 lbs, 4 oz on Sunday morning).

Some milestones/activities:

* He slept in his papasan chair as we enjoyed lasagna on Mimi's first night. He's been joining us for dinner on the dining room table in his papasan every night since.

* He watched his first MLB game at his Mimi Mo's house (that's Mimi Moraga, aka Sue)

* He got his first sponge bath with Sibley supervising- he did not like it.

* He went on his first walk at Lake Merritt and slept in his Beco carrier the entire time.
* He went to the doctor and met Dr. Bean who said he is just perfect! (We agree).
* He went on his first stroller ride to get to the doctor.
* He woke up to his Mimi every morning so that we could get an extra hour (or two) of sleep.

Cassius loves his Mimi (Tanner)!

Thanks Mom!


brooke said...

I'm ready for more updates, please! :)

3 for Me! said...

Lindsey, I had the same problem with mine when I nurse.... so it was nice to already have their food allergies known when I started feeding them table food.

I also had to stay milk/dairy free when I nursed! I also noticed that peanuts and eggs were other food and sure enough... those are 3 foods my kids have allergies to!

Here is my "safe" candy/junk food list (and sorry for doing this as a comment I couldn't find an email address!)
* Oreo cookies
* some Mrs Freshleys baked goods
* Smarties
* SweetTarts
* Gummies/Fruit Snacks
* most lollipops (not tooties roll kids though)
* Check other Nabisco cracker snacks - like teddy Gramhams,etc

I've been down this road so you can email me anytime about "safe" foods... with the holidays coming it's going to be tough... better to offer to make a few dishes or give out recipes you can enjoy, too:)

Here's my email fullovnrg at hotmail dot com.

3 for Me! said...

I have a couple of baked goods recipes on my blog under one of the labels. We are also avoid eggs.... so you can add them in:)

Forgot to mention that there are regular cake mixes and icing flavors that are milk free.. you just have to start reading ingredient labels. One of our favorite is a cream cheese icing that we use on red velvet cake.. totally milk free... go figure!!