Friday, October 9, 2009

Our Labor Day

It seems that this little one is finally going to make it's arrival sometime in the next 48 hours or so. Contractions started last night but weren't really regular, then around 4am I woke up with some discomfort. I started timing the contractions and they started to get more regular - 5-7 minutes apart - and had lasted for about 2 hours. The most bizarre feeling is that everything is completely normal between contractions. The best way to describe these contractions vs. "the previous ones" is that these contractions include back pain/intensity along with front cramps. The previous ones were more tightening/twitching in the front.

I watched the newest episodes of Glee and Gray's Anatomy. I woke Matt up around 6:30am and we called the midwife around 7. She is on her way over here now to check on things before we start our own version of Labor Day.

More to come....

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brooke said...

YAAAAYYYYY!!!!! Now lets see what those perfect little chubby cheeks are up to, huh!? :)